Bellevue College Appoints Governor Gary Locke as Interim President

Dear Bellevue College Community Partners,

On behalf of Bellevue College, we are pleased to share that our Board of Trustees appointed Governor Gary Locke as the Interim President yesterday evening after a rigorous search process. You can read more about the Interim President appointment and Governor Locke on our BC news page.

Thank you for engaging in the Interim President search process last month. We were excited by the demonstration of community support indicating your high interest in the success and future of the College and the critical importance of our connection to community partners. All your feedback was taken into consideration as the Board selected from a robust pool of three candidates who each offered different strengths.

We are confident Governor Locke will serve as a powerful voice for the next year, engaging our faculty, staff, students, and community partners while leading the College through this challenging time.  We appreciate your support as we move toward a promising future.