About Us

AtWork! has advocated and created integrated employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities since 1962. We believe that everyone has the capacity to work and that there is a place for a person with disabilities in every business in America. People with disabilities are an integral part of our society, our businesses, and our lives, and we empower them to get good jobs, increase community connection, and successfully transition to life after high school.

People with disabilities want the chance to contribute to our local economy, gain a sense of self-worth, a sense of independence, and help your company succeed. All that’s missing is an employer willing to hire them. Our job is to address concerns and remove obstacles. AtWork! supports employers and job seekers every step of the way with free personalized training, job coaching, and guidance. We find highly capable workers for your open positions or help structure a job to fit one of our job seekers, to benefit both your business and the employee.

We are dedicated to a successful outcome for you, as well as for the people we serve. Our goal is to fit the candidate’s skills to the job you need done. Continued support, problem-solving, and guidance will help ensure that outcome. Learn more at www.atworkwa.org


Jennifer, an essential employee at Costco in Issaquah
Bo, employed at McDonalds
Meet Moises! He's back to work at the Fred Meyer!
Richard, employed at YMCA
Sally, employed at Tech Gymnastics
Eve started making flowers to hand out at the Senior Center at the beginning of the pandemic.