Edward Jones - Amber Trader, Financial Advisor

Edward Jones - Amber Trader, Financial Advisor



About Us

I’m a creator, a grower and a builder.

I create in the kitchen and learn from my failures until I get it right.

I grow my garden each year tending to old friends, and planting new seeds, balancing my effort with the things outside of my control.

I build people by being present with and honoring each individual for who they are and their unique contribution to my life and the world.

As a financial advisor I tap into all of these passions as I partner with clients to create a picture of the life they wish to live now and in the future. Together, we build a personalized financial plan centered around that vision. Then, we partner over time to grow and nurture that plan to weather the storms and beautiful vistas alike.

I understand and listen to my clients. I often work with clients in transition. Some transitions are exciting and happy - marriage, birth, new home, new job and new business. Less welcome transitions include separation and divorce, death, injury, medical diagnoses and unexpected loss of business or income. Personal experiences in many of these areas inform my perspective and compassion working with clients in transition and identifying with their experiences.

Sharing the journey as clients brave building life is a great privilege. I look forward to finding out what's most important to you, using an established process to create a personalized strategy to create the life you want, and partnering over your lifetime to get you there.


  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • Retirement Savings / Wealth Strategies
  • Estate and Legacy Strategies
  • Divorce Finances
  • Special Needs Financial Considerations