We Are Excited to Bring Aya Pilates to the Issaquah Community

We are excited to bring Aya Pilates to the Issaquah community!
Aya Pilates curates a haven for an immersive Reformer Pilates experience, transcending the ordinary and sculpting more than just bodies. Rooted in community and wellness, our boutique studio is dedicated to fostering confidence, power, and overall well-being through dynamic sessions that embrace the mind-body connection.
The space was thoughtfully planned with intention so that members feel a sense of well-being as soon as they walk through the door. The studio was designed to portray different energy zones; moods will shift from relaxed to energized to confident - a truly immersive experience.
Aya's instructors have been thoughtfully curated and not only exceed industry training standards and are passionate about pilates, but are also experts in technique and comfortable creating modifications for tailored workouts. 
Many of you have met Kris, our Director of Sales and Operations. We are so lucky to have her lead the charge in bringing this wellness and community driven vision to life!
We are so excited to be part of this community and can't wait to invite you in!